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In late July I was very privileged to help roll out the world’s first 100% saturation of OLPC XOs to the country of Niue, in the Pacific near New Zealand. There are around 400 students, and every single one got a laptop! I was in charge of the server/wireless infrastructure, and the imaging of the laptops as well as technical training for the people there on the ground. I worked closely with Ian Thomson who coordinated it (from SPC) and Grisel Carriera, a education specialist from Australia. Grisel and I were volunteers for the project, and Ian/Grisel between them basically coordinated the teacher training.

I thought I’d write up a few notes about the project, although most of the details are on the OLPC Niue wiki page. Basically I spent a week setting up the (currently) fairly beta XS software on the server, setting up a WDS wireless network (to get network connectivity for the XOs throughout the entire two schools without an extensive wired LAN) and a few additions to the XS software such as Moodle (which will soon be integrated) and some great locally relevant education resources pulled together by David Leeming who is working with Ian in the Pacific OLPC deployments. I used the XO 703 image with about 30 applications including Speak, Cartoon Builder, Flipsticks, Colors, Scratch, Ruler, Stopwatch, Wikibrowse (v9 as v10 is all Spanish!) and Sudoku, as well as all the default applications in the activity pack. They worked really well!

Check out some photos below! One of the schools was a primary school, and one a high school, and I believe the primary school will gain the most benefit, but it will be an interesting experiment how the high school goes with them. Ultimately in Australia we will only be looking at primary schools, because they aren’t really made for high schools.

Useful references:

If anyone wants to volunteer for these kinds of projects specifically in the next month or two, please drop me an email at pia dot waugh at olpc dot org dot au with when you are available, your interests and skills, as Ian and David need more volunteers for Pacific based projects :) For people able to volunteer in the medium to long term, there will soon be a rego system available.

The worlds oldest XO user (we think) :) Shes 70yo
Grisel and Ian, holding up mountains!

Grisel and Ian, holding up mountains!

Students using the XO

Students using the XO

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9 Responses to OLPC in Niue

  1. I am an OX user, and 81 years old. You can see a photo of me with the XO at the bottom of the page at

  2. greebo says:

    Thanks Herman! That is a great photo and I stand very much corrected :)

  3. S Page says:

    One. Laptop. Per. Child!!!!

  4. greebo says:

    Hi S Page, The 70 year old is a teacher at the primary school. It is ok :)

  5. Daniel Drake says:

    Marvin Minsky might also be classed as an XO user, he’s 81 too :)
    He visits the office quite often.

    Great article! I am hoping to get involved with OLPC in this region myself.

  6. This story just made it to the BBC headlines – “One laptop for every Niuean child” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7576573.stm

  7. manuka says:

    Our 102 yo. neighbour has been using an XO recently here in NZ, & declares it “handy” for WiFi access while gardening!

  8. Top work – and well done Ian, great to see a Miramar man doing such awesome work!! Fantastic

  9. That is just too cool. Amazing work. Super.

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