“Sorry, we only support MS Office 2007”

I ordered a Dell laptop for a client today and wanted XP with MS Office 2003 or older (their infrastructure runs FOSS and we are getting a great FOSS desktop in the door, don’t worry!). Anyway, Dell turns around and says sure on the XP option, but tells me cheerfully that they don’t support anything but MS Office 2007 (and Works). Considering the default data formats used in MS Office 2007 are not supported by any other Office product, and are only just supported in Open Office, it seems ludicrous that Dell would make this choice.

Ah well, it turned out to be a good thing. The client SOE will now have Open Office by default with MS Office as an option where there is a business case reason because they have limited MS Office 2003 licences and are unhappy with Office 2007.

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