Travelling with Red Hat and IBM around the country

I am participating in a Red Hat and IBM roadshow about Linux on the desktop. We’ll be visiting Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth (Perth is a private event only), so if you are interested in either coming along to the event or catching up for a drink afterwards, check out the schedule on the invitation below 🙂 I’ll be talking about Open Source generally, the business benefits, case studies and how to go about creating a strategy for Open Source deployment. Red Hat and IBM will be focusing on the Linux desktop, which is excellent timing.

Red Hat, IBM and Waugh Partners road trip invitation.

The evening of every event it would be great to catch up with the FOSS communities in each location, so please just add a comment or email me if you’d like to catch up 🙂


  • 14th August (tomorrow) – Brisbane
  • 15th August – Melbourne
  • 20th August – Canberra
  • 21st August – Sydney
  • 22nd August – Adelaide
  • 23rd August – Perth (private IBM/Red Hat event, but open for drinks in the evening! 🙂

Sorry about the short notice! Registrations are here.

4 thoughts on “Travelling with Red Hat and IBM around the country”

  1. Hi Pia,

    Good to see you still doing what you love, don’t have time to catchup tomorrow, maybe next time?



  2. Hi Tim,

    interestingly enough, I have another pdf that exclusively mentions Adelaide 🙂 I believe it is on the website at any rate. Catch you next week hopefully 🙂


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