Software Freedom Day online shop is up!

I’ve been working on putting up the online Software Freedom Day shop, which at this point includes tshirts for the event and CD packs of The Open CD. Teams running SFD events (that register prior to the 31st July) get a 50% discount so spread the word! :)

We also have more and better free schwag for teams than ever before including balloons, CDs, shirts, stickers and more. We also have more sponsors than ever before but more on than soon :)

We already have 125 teams registered from all around the world and it is only July! This year is looking to be huge!

More information soon to come :) Comments on the shirt design are welcome.

SFD07 tshirt design - front
SFD07 tshirt design - back

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3 Responses to Software Freedom Day online shop is up!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole SFD stuff is great, but those shirts just scream “Free Software Users have no taste”.

    The green color is really terrible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The green colour will scare small children.

    Or possibly they’ll think you’re Shrek.

  3. greebo says:

    Check out the actual shirts, a much nicer green :)

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