Oxford LUG

Tonight I went along to OxLUG which was a small informal gathering at the pub. It was fun and there were some interesting people there. I chatted to them about LUG structure and events, and I believe they are going to start doing meetings with talks and such, so that could be pretty cool. Good luck with it OxLUG!

I’m going to go into London and hopefully meet up with some Lonix and GLLUG people this week.

Also, Phil Harper published some photos from the Software Freedom International group. Basically we only had 4 from the board meet up in meatspace to talk about the organisation direction and event logistics, however we had most of the other board members join us by IRC each day.

Some SFI board members
From the left and clockwise — Matt Oquist, Robert Schumann, Phil Harper and yours truly 🙂

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Sorry for the confusion, I wasn’t suggesting they were the same. I was originally planning on coming in to the Lonix event (but there was a train delay) and Perl Mongers where a few GLLUG people were also going.


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