Speaking at FOSSACT

Since linux.conf.au Jeff and I have basically been catching up with work and kicking off some new projects. I’m down in Canberra with some clients today and speaking at FOSSACT this afternoon about how to grow the pie for FOSS businesses in Australia. FOSSACT is kind of like a localised OSIA for the ACT. I hope to see the day when FOSSACT partners or joins up with OSIA, as maintaining a clear message of industry cohesion and maturity is important to gaining more influence and credibility as an industry. I’m looking forward to it, as there are some great businesses doing good FOSS work in Canberra, which is particularly important when you consider government is the primary client base in Canberra.

Afterwards a bunch of CLUGers will be meeting at the All Bar Nun for drinks and catch up. Come along if you are in Canberra to meet and geek 🙂

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