Have a great break everyone!

This year has been _insane_, particularly being on the linux.conf.au 2007 team, but hopefully everyone will take at least a few days to relax and take a well-earned break.

For me this time is all about family, and the chance to spend quality time with my loved ones. Happy celebrations to the Christian and Pagan communities. A belated happy Eid to the Muslim community, and an early happy New Year and happy Chinese New Year (信年快乐!). That should cover the season, and Buddha’s birthday is in May ;)

I’ll see some of you at linux.conf.au. Be safe and happy.

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6 Responses to Have a great break everyone!

  1. Davyd says:

    Chinese New Year should be after l.c.a. I make it Feb 18.

  2. greebo says:

    That’s why I said an _early_ happy Chinese New Year ;P Thanks Davyd!

  3. Anson says:

    You forgot Chanukah.


  4. Leon Brooks says:

    Where’s your sensitivity, Pia? Some of those celebrations are supposed to be unhappy (e.g. mourning the dying Sun). (-:

    I was reminded of this inadvertantly yesterday, when I hit a calendary site and was told by it that today (ie, yesterday) was a second shorter than the previous day.

  5. greebo says:

    True, thank you Anson!

  6. Anson says:

    I forgot Kwanzaa.

    Yeah, there was that too.

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