Early birds – one week to pay!

All the earlybird registrations for linux.conf.au have till the 8th December to pay. You should have received reminders by now about this, and if you have any issues or haven’t received your invoice by email, please simply log into the website (using “forgotten my password” if necessary) and then confirm your profile (you’ll be able to change details) and then proceed with payment to lock in the earlybird rate for you.

450 people registered! Places are limited so if you haven’t yet signed up for the best technical FOSS conference in the world, get to it! Remember, students get a very special price to encourage their participation!

3 thoughts on “Early birds – one week to pay!”

  1. I just went to the profile and followed the “confirm and pay” link at the bottom, then printed the invoice off the web browser. I dunno why it put the name of the company I work for after “Attention:” where I would expect to see my own name but why quibble about details. My tax paperwork is at the pinnacle of the slap-dash school of accounting and this printout is just perfect for my records.

    It sure is a nice touch to see that the Invoice Number and the Secure Payment Reference Number and the Receipt Number are all different but yet tantalisingly similar. Even nicer is when I can print off the web page and the page-header is exactly HALF an A4 page so the invoice itself neatly splits across two laser printer pages which I have cleverly glued back together to make the longest piece of paperwork in my tax folder (well, that’s not counting supermarket dockets).

    Getting onto a topic of critical importance (it’s important to be critical)… I’m glad you guys recognise the significance of intellectual property enough to put a Copyright notice at the bottom of my invoice. Too many suppliers are getting slack these days and failing to properly protect their valuable invoice dockets — they will only have themselves to blame when some freeloader accountant takes a photocopy of those dockets “just for the record”. I had to pay for those receipts don’t you know!

  2. Hi Tel,

    that is weird about the numbers being similar. I think that is just coincidence 🙂 We’ll look into the print issue. Thanks.

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