Warning, major pink ahead! (Not my fault!)

Yesterday was the first TechGirls event, which is strongly based on the success of events like Go Girls, Gidgits and other events linked from the TechGirls website. We had ~250 girls in the Central Coast with some great speakers, and awesome demo zones. I was looking after a room of girls and ran a Linux gaming demo zone with hardware generously donated by Craige for the day, thanks! The girls loved the games (particularly Super Tux) and I had one girl who came specifically to see Linux come over really excited to see Linux there and keen to get more involved. Awesome stuff!

Every attendee got an Ubuntu CD, and there was information about usergroups, the Australian Development Gateway, FOSS and more on display, as well as the few remaining SFD tshirts, which were all XXXL sized, but still very appreciated :)

We are looking to run the first such event in Sydney (of such size) mid next year for about 2000-3000 girls. Anyone interesting in helping out or sponsoring, please get in contact with me :) The current website will be updated with a report soon.

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