Software Freedom Day – shirts and maps

Software Freedom Day 2006 is charging ahead with over 150 teams registered around the world. The board have decided to give 2 free shirts to each team and extra ones will be available to buy from our webstore for a mere AUD$20 each (including shipping) 🙂 They are bright orange and a rocking way to make your team stand out on the day 🙂 They will include a big SFD 2006 logo on the front.

Note: we can sort out something for teams from developing nations who need assistance in getting more shirts. Just drop an email to the SFD ctte on

Also, only about a third of all the registered teams have added their location to the SFD 2006 map, so get cracking! 🙂 The teams who had their details on the 2005 were not automatically added to the 2006 map, so put your team up now! 🙂

SFD 2006 map