Women need “simple pleasures”

Mr Laurie said rural women, like their urban counterparts, needed simple pleasures such as going out for coffee and playing tennis together.

Wow, now I know what I’m missing in my life. Obviously not enough coffee and tennis time with the girls! Tee hee hee!

Comment made by the President of the NSW Farmers Association. Thanks Tongmaster for pointing this out. I love it when people demostrate their biases through what they probably think is a perfectly reasonable comment :)

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4 Responses to Women need “simple pleasures”

  1. jdub says:

    You’re a city girl now. You need lipstick and lattes.

  2. KrisB says:

    Hang on Pia! – you do dinner after SLUG don’t you?? You just need to identify the geek equivalents!

    I think the point was that rural women need ‘downtime’ from their daily lives esp. those on farms who do extrordinary hours each day usually without much social contact.

    But that’s cool – I see your side too!!!

  3. hanna says:

    He’s right, clearly women do need coffee… er, and computers… ;-)

  4. elspeth thorne says:

    Well, I think i’ve got the coffee down pat … but tennis? Hmm. Rather go and play with my laptop, I think..

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