Linux in Education – a “model stand” :)

On the weekend Linux Australia had a stand at one of Australias largest education expos and we were a big hit! I have already posted a report on the Linux Australia list, but the short version is we rocked! We had some computers set up for a “Linux Challenge” that kids did and then won a series of gifts including a certificate. This means kids all over NSW are probably today telling about it in news and showing off their certificates :) We spoke to parents, teachers, NGOs, Government reps, and we had a packed booth the entire time. The booths around us complained that we got too much attention and the event organiser called our booth a “model booth”. We had the Board of Studies and DET talking to us and loads of people walking away with information about FOSS and a set of FOSS software that meeting the learning objectives in K-12. Rock on and many thanks to the volunteers and sponsors who paritipated! See a full list in my report linked above :)

I guess that if everyone really thought about their spheres of influence, could craft the FOSS message just so and then take it out into their non-FOSS world, then we can continue to have a broad reaching impact. Linux Australia being involved in Software Freedom Day, this Education Expo, the Government education initiative and means that we as a community are touching some mainstream, education, Government and the FOSS tech community, but what communities are you involved in? Who is your local member and have you spoken to them about FOSS? Have you spoken to your schools, your NGOs, your kindergarten? How would FOSS help them? How can you introduce them to the technologies and technology freedoms that may help them in their every day lives :) Commenting welcome about what you could do today!

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