eGirls event in Armidale

Earlier this week I spoke at this years e-girls event, a Zonta initiative. It was a lot of fun, and I looked after an awesome group of Yr 10 girls from all around the Armidale region. I spke to them about Linux, networking, community, my experiences in ICT and why ICT jobs are so fun :) Many thanks to Cherry for organising yet another fantastic event! The girls made logos using gimp and I have to say, my favourite is the butterfly one below :)
On this topic, I’m in a team putting together a large event for Sydney girls about ICT. We’ll be running the Sydney one next June, and one in the Central Coast this Sept/Oct. Contact me if you want to participate or have any cool ideas for it :) I have a basic website up which is in the process of development and the organisers’ email is there. Many thanks to Linuxchix Brazil for letting us use Marie, the Linuxchix Brazil mascot!

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