Peter Quinn – in Australia!

I met Peter Quinn in Spain on a FOSS around the world panel, Peter as most of you would know is the force behind the adoption of an Open Standards policy and Open Source take-up in the Massachusetts Government. He left the job after unexpectedly finding himself the target of anti-FOSS FUD, but the Open Standards/Source approach of Massachusetts has prevailed and Peter himself is very FOSS saavy and a great speaker.

Anyway, I managed to twist his arm into coming to Australia and speaking at Linuxworld at Government Day (the last day of the conference, the 30th March). I’m really excited about this as his rationale behind why FOSS is relevant to Government is very useful to our Government. I hope to see a huge increase in awareness of and adoption of FOSS after Linuxworld. We also have representatives from the Malaysian and New Zealand Governments as well as a bunch of Aussie Government agencies.