Fires ruin machines

Several months ago, I presented to the Riverwood Community Cente about Linux, and they were so excited they went out and installed a lab of second hand machines running Linux. I helped facilitate getting some spare parts from Computerbank NSW so they could have some more machines, and it was all running very smoothly. They were most excited that they could give the software away to people visiting the centre and that they could use the Ubuntu LiveCd to boot up into multiple languages easily for teaching elderly Arabic and Chinese women amongst others. Anyway, they very recently had an issue where some idiot set fire to their computer room. Most monitors died, and several machines. Luckily I still had a motza of monitors and a few PCs that were originally going to Nhulunbuy but we didn’t need them up there (plus, couriering to Gove is quite expensive). So I donated all the hardware to them to get the computer room up and running again. The room itself needs repairing, but with the new machines when the room is ready, they should have about 10 machines up and going to public access again soon.

I really do think that only the smallest effort can make someone else so much better off. Good luck Paul with getting it all up and running again 🙂