Catch-up Part II..

Pumped for NZ

Boarded flight to Auckland in Sydney, felt odd to actually be getting on a plane again. Nice short flight, only 3.5 hours, nice dude to chat to about real estate and politics 🙂 Read most of the Australian papers on the plane.

Auckland – Saw the trailer for Lord of the Rings (III) on the plane, am completely pumped to come back to NZ for a real holiday (and I will be in a few months!!! Hey Mike I expect the grand tour!), however the closest I got was to see the airport and gaze into the distant mountains…am preparing for WSIS (, is going to rock.

Auckland -> LA – Going to go straight through to Geneva, I can’t really afford US$200 a night at New York 🙂 Great movies on the plane, mind racing 1000 miles an hour, but the rest is doing me good!