Linux Australia “cover girl” ;)

So I recently did a casual interview with Liz Tay from IDG about working in IT and being a woman in IT. It was a casual discussion and I thought it would be done in a short one page interview. It turns out she wrote it down verbatim for a 4 page article about “an interview with Linux Australia’s cover girl”. Funny!! 🙂

Black Duck event

Thanks Rodney for covering the Black Duck event. It was _very_ interesting to get the hard questions thrown around such as how locally relevant and legally localised an American software compliance service can be in Australia. Black Duck answered all the questions quite well and I think have realised that we are a different market. Their services are certainly interesting and seeing a company tackling the issues of software compliance is a good thing, as it is again helping to remove barriers to Open Source.

Waugh Partners… what is it good for? :)

So the new consulting business Waugh Partners is going well. I’ve nabbed my first few consulting jobs, and I’m making a name for myself as a consultant. I thought long and hard about my skills and what is needed in Australia, and I realised that vendor-neutral strategic consulting is what people really need in order to go from ad-hoc FOSS jobs to a planned approach to FOSS for their businesses. For example, understanding how to skill up, how to find commercially viable versus non-commercially viable software, where to get support, how to modify existing policies to be FOSS friendly, such as procurement policies, and finally how to understand the wide world of FOSS and how it can benefit businesses and Government alike. I look forward to helping grow the industry generally, and in particular helping all the little FOSS companies become more competitive and knowledgable about what they need to compete in the large corporate and Government arenas.

One of my main aims is to get Australia being more globally competitive in ICT and to also start using FOSS to solve the technical, business/economic _and_ the social challenges of this country, but baby steps at a time 🙂

I am seriously looking forward to Linuxworld as I think it’ll help me achieve my business and personal goals, and I am so happy that we are finally starting to realise the broader benefits of FOSS in my own country.

Rock on Australia! 😀