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links for 2009-09-17

Computerworld > Open Source Society mounts public sector desktop raid "The New Zealand Open Source Society is launching a project to demonstrate the viability of free open source software on public sector desktops." (tags: opensource foss government nzoss nz publicsector)

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links for 2009-06-17

Geeks Invade Government With Audacious Goals – O'Reilly Radar Digital Engagement | Director of Digital Engagement

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links for 2009-06-16

Australian Social Innovation Exchange – home "Social innovation: an Australian priority: We know how to innovate in science and we have an idea about how to do industrial R&D". Looks interesting. (tags: socialnetworking socialmedia networking australia science innovation) GovLoop – … Continue reading

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links for 2009-06-06

All those who stand and wait—putting citizens at the centre The last 10 years has seen a concerted effort globally to improve the relationship between governments and their citizens." Great speech by Lynelle Briggs, Public Service Commissioner relating to Gov … Continue reading

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links for 2009-05-31 » History » Women Warriors: Myth or Reality? "Did medieval women pick up weapons and fight? The answer is an unqualified yes." Nice article, talks about women in various cultures in the art of war and combat. (tags: martialarts … Continue reading

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links for 2009-05-27

The future of the Digital Economy, or not… | Witty’s Blog "How great are the potential advantages of allowing the public greater freedom of use … relative to the potential harm associated with an increase in misquotations as a result … Continue reading

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links for 2009-05-25

Public engagement. Public empowerment. | acidlabs Really interesting presentation given by Stephen Collins in NZ at the GOVIS conference. Great references to Gov 2.0 stuff happening in US, NZ and Australia. (tags: government govis stephencollins australia)

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links for 2008-07-10

Gender perceptions in using computers in the classroom A really interesting study that reflects some of what I’ve seen. It is based on a couple of classes of 9-13 year olds. I’ve found soon after that age is when you … Continue reading

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links for 2008-06-30

McDonalds sued over Happy Meal toy (by Devo) “This New Wave Nigel doll that they’ve created is just a complete Devo rip-off and the red hat is exactly the red hat that I designed… Plus, we don’t like McDonald’s, and … Continue reading

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links for 2008-06-29

OAK Law Project | Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) “The OAK Law Project has released the results of its survey of the attitudes and practices of Australian academic authors towards the publication and dissemination of their research, Academic authorship, publishing … Continue reading

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